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Online Booking For Blood Test

Online Blood Tests

Why do we need to get the Blood Tests done?

Blood tests help us to identify if there's any possible infection in our bloodstream through bacteria or yeast. It also helps us to understand any hormonal imbalances occurring, especially during pregnancy. TRULABS provides blood tests in the comfort of your home. The pandemic has made it harder for people to go to a pathology lab or a hospital to get their tests done. Blood Test is made easy and accessible to all with online booking. The online booking facility is to help those who are unable to go to a laboratory to get their tests done. With this TRULABS also provide home specimen services where professional Phlebotomists collect your blood sample and provide your results with utmost precision. TRULABS provides convenient services which are flexible to your time. It also offers a convenient pickup location and the cost is kept affordable with the thought of catering to the health needs of your loved ones. Blood sample collection is done by professionals worthy of your trust and is friendly to your needs.


TRULABS has made it a simple process by providing home services of blood collection. The online services that are provided by TRULABS are at a reasonable and affordable price. TRULABS is effectively serving its booking for blood tests in Indore. Pandemic has certainly lowered the immunity of people and had them suffer, thus, rapidly increasing the necessity of taking a blood test. Book your online blood test services with TRULABS, as we intend to provide blood sample collections at your convenience. The prices to get the TRULABS CBC tests services are just at 150. The entire blood tests services are a must for your family to be assured of no future health risks.

Other Services that TRULABS provide:

TRULABS provides services other than the Complete Blood Count test and MPV. Tests inclusive of Diabetes which is so severe that if not tested and treated, could lead to death. Other than this Thyroid tests, Lipid Profile, Dengue and Women basic package (consisting of 49 tests inclusive of hormonal tests and pregnancy-related tests at just 1200) are also taken care of at TRULABS.

Which is the best online blood test?

Are you confused regarding the best online blood test service? Then TRULABS has got you! TRULABS offers the best online blood test service of CBC blood test and gives the complete blood report from your RBC, WBC, Platelets to Haemoglobin. The reports provided are credible, accurate, and apt. Other blood tests taken are inclusive of Thyroid, Lipid Profile, Diabetes, hormonal tests, etc.

Can Blood Tests be done at home?

Yes! Blood tests can be done at home, and all you need to do for that is to book an online blood test from your device and we'll send our professional to your doorstep to collect the blood samples. We exclusively provide online blood sample collection services in Indore. The process of sample collection is super hygienic, healthy, and friendly because we most importantly care about our patients' experience. In case of accidents, pregnancy or other emergency or even for the sake of convenience online blood tests facility could act as a true saviour.

How Can I Get a Blood Sample at home?

Blood samples are collected by our professionals at your convenient location and time. We provide all necessary services to cater to your comfort and for the convenience of your loved ones. You can call at 1800-4199-585 or book our blood tests services online and we'll send our phlebotomists to collect your specimen and then provide an accurate report within a certain time duration.

Are Online Blood Tests accurate?

Most people face a hard time trusting online test reports. TRULABS however, not only offers online tests but also provides the facility of online tests reports. These reports are tested and analysed by professionals with precision. Undoubtedly the reports are accurate and credible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

CBC or Complete Blood Count refers to the complete evaluation of your health with diagnosis based on the tests of certain disorders, anaemia, leukaemia, or infection. The complete blood test consists of entire tests of your Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets, Haemoglobin, and all other components of blood including vitamin D and vitamin B12.

You must be wondering which blood tests show if there is an infection in your blood and body? Well, the answer is the Blood Culture Test report that finds if there is an infection in your bloodstream or not as it can affect your body. In medical terms, it is known as systemic infection. The test sees whether the infection is caused by the source of yeast or bacteria.

MPV stands for Mean Platelet Volume. Platelets are very small blood cells that are responsible and also significant for blood clotting, this helps after an injury. The MPV test can help in the diagnosis of bone marrow diseases and bleeding disorders. The measurement of the MPV blood test is equivalent to the size of your average platelets.

No, a Doctors' prescription is not mandatory to get the blood tests done. You can simply book online blood tests from the website, the blood sample will be collected from your pick-up place, the test will be run from our regional pathology laboratories and your result will be delivered to you online.