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Serving Quality Health Diagnosis For Over 12 Years

Trulabs is one of India's most renowned medical diagnostic laboratories offering multiple pathological services to ensure all your health needs are easily fulfilled. By blending science and the latest technology, we ensure that you get timely treatment & proper diagnosis that can protect your body from future risks. In addition, we take online booking for blood tests so that you can get it done at home at an affordable price without any stress of stepping out, especially for the elderly, people with disabilities, and pregnant women, providing a more manageable and more accessible diagnosis that helps you from the comfort of your home.

We believe health is not a privilege but everyone's right and therefore we cater quality with affordability. Trulabs also extends services for online booking of lab tests, where you can choose a health package as per your requirement or take a test based on your health condition in allergy, diabetes, HIV, viral infections, fever, heart diseases, hypertension, infertility and much more.

Trulabs offers Thyroid, Dengue Profiles, Women's Basic Health Packages, Health Care - Cardiac Profile, Lipid Profile, and many other health packages with the best and most affordable options for its users because we believe healthy living is everyone's right. Moreover, the results provided by our expert pathologists are accurate and of higher value. The tests done are transparent and taken with utmost precision. Therefore, we deliver uncompromised accuracy and authenticity.

The strength of our quality health diagnosis lies in our robust logistical support. With 100+ field executives, and 50+ laboratories associated and using the latest technology for sample storage which maintains the right temperature, safety, and security, we provide a seamless process for a sample collection from your doorstep.

Trulabs provides extreme care for diagnosing health anomalies with detailed, easy-to-take health check-ups at the most affordable packages so that the worrying cost of care does not cost one their life. Furthermore, with perks like easy payment processing, and specific pathology target services we offer you a ceaseless diagnosis experience.

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Why Trulabs?

Our experts are trained for preventive measures against COVID-19 & provided with masks.

We give the most accurate results in minimal turnaround time and at the most affordable price range.

Patient Testimonials

  • I had been to TruLabs for a couple of times and found that their test planning was thorough and results met the specific requirements for proper disease tracing. I have great confidence in both the process and the deliverable.

    Abhinav Sharma
  • The customer service and technical expertise offered by TruLabs is evident from initial quote to final report. Their competitive pricing and efficient testing have helped us stay on budget. From personal experience, TruLabs is a valuable resource for med tech startups.

    Prashant Shrivastava
  • TruLabs is a reliable laboratory. They exhibit great technical proficiency and tailored the test protocols according to our specific samples. Their service is exceptional as well.

    Ajay Gupta
  • The test methods and reports are logical and well written at TruLabs. They are knowledgeable, responsive to timeline pressures, and technically competent.

    Shivam Singh

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