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Are At-Home Blood Tests Reliable To Opt For?

Ever since the pandemic began worldwide, numerous patients have been abstaining from going to the testing labs, except if it is unavoidable. This is due to the fact that it poses a significant health safety risk for individuals with weak immunity or those over 60 or experiencing specific diseases. Thus, numerous diagnostic centres and medical care suppliers have accelerated changes to the healthcare system, including evaluating what medical services need to be offered at home. Trulabs is among those leading diagnostic & healthcare service providers that offer blood tests at home for people at affordable prices.

Blood tests have been regularly performed in diagnostic centres and medical places, per a doctor's recommendation, to assess overall health and monitor for certain diseases and medical conditions. However, even though booking an online blood sample collection is not a new concept, the pandemic has made a more significant push to move testing outside a doctor's clinic.

While at-home lab testing can be easy and advantageous, a central issue emerges over the exactness of a standard lab and a doctor's visit. Apart from this, what to expect at-home blood tests is another primary concern. So, let's take a deeper look into this –

When you book an at-home blood test online, a team of qualified phlebotomists or lab assistants will visit your home at the planned time. They will bring the necessary equipment for drawing blood and storing away the blood sample securely to guarantee it stays suitable until the test is performed in the lab. The testing is conducted using sterilized tools to preserve the integrity of the blood samples.

When to Opt for An At-Home Blood Test?

Blood tests are regularly recommended once a year as a normal and preventative healthcare component. This helps people track changes in the body to improve the individual's wellbeing and lessen the danger of diseases. Probably the most well-known tests include:-

(1) Complete Blood Count (CBC): It measures the cells circulating in the blood to assess an individual's general wellbeing and identify anemia, infections, and different illnesses and conditions.

(2) Lipid Profile Test: It assesses cholesterol and triglyceride levels to evaluate an individual's risk of developing a coronary illness.

(3) Blood Glucose Test: It is done for diagnosing diabetes. It assists with identifying abnormal blood glucose levels, which are an indication of diabetes. At-home blood tests can be an effective option for evaluating pre-diabetes and aiding those already diagnosed with diabetes to better deal with their sickness.

How Accurate Can the Results of at-Home Blood Tests Be?

Many people think that the sample usually gets contaminated for the test in at-home blood tests. However, as the sample collection techniques have evolved, the at-home blood test commonly involves a collection method called dried blood spot testing. The expert comes equipped with the required sterilized flasks and storage tubes to guarantee the blood sample does not get contaminated. These trained professionals are skilled in preserving the samples so that people don't need to be worried about result viability. Safe techniques & portable medical equipment are used these days to ensure error-free testing without compromising the quality of the results.

The purpose behind blood testing is to analyze an individual's actual health. At-home blood testing makes it suitable to bring attention to an individual's risk of developing a disease, which can be altogether decreased by following a proper eating regime and increasing physical activity. While at-home blood tests can be a practical means for checking your wellbeing, dealing with your health in a better way becomes easier when you trust Trulabs. Visit us today.


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