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Health Package For Children - A Plan That Guarantees Better Tomorrow

Health checkup packages for children

Healthy youthful days are the foundation of healthy adulthood for a child. Parents who are always worried for their child's wellbeing will find that Health checkup packages for children have been created to trace specific ailments that may be affecting children by carrying out a series of a few essential clinical tests.

In addition to the physical and lab tests, Health checkup packages for children also include dental and pediatric consultation with professionals who helps parents in understanding the present health condition of their child.

Children's health checkup package -

A promising clinic center or hospital always offers a complete children's health checkup package, which includes the following:


  • Urine Routine
  • Blood group
  • Stool Routine
  • CBC


  • Triglyceride
  • Total Cholesterol


  • FBS


  • Creatinine


  • SGPT


  • ECG


  • Chest X-Ray


  • Dental Consult
  • Pediatric Consult

Steps involved in the entire health checkup:-

  1. Get connected -

Parents have to connect with the particular health check prescribed by a doctor.

  1. Schedule the appointment -

Schedule the health checkup appointment either online or through a phone call, or by visiting in person.

  1. Undertake health checkup test -

Be informed regarding the safety measures and come all set for the correct result.

  1. Wait for the report -

Get the medical report via email or collect it in person.

  1. Get consulted with a physician or doctor -

Get complete consultation on your child's health checkup report.

What do health checkup clinics or hospitals expect you to do?

  1. Parents must ensure that they have a clinical prescription issued by the healthcare specialist.
  2. Every particular clinical test needs the patient (child) to follow certain precautions such as having an empty stomach and fasting.
  3. At times when an in-person meeting is not possible, it is good to go for a meeting online.
  4. Ensure checking the working hours of the clinic or hospital and follow up for undertaking clinical checkups and obtaining reports or getting consultation from the specialized person.

For whom health checkup is recommended?

Parents, who would like to know the general health status of their toddlers and seek consultation with a pediatrician on vaccination schedules, proper diet, etc., can undertake this health checkup.

Which age group is the health checkup ideal for?

Children who are 2 to 10 years old should be taken for health checkups twice a year, and children who are 11 to 18 years old should be taken for health checkups once a year at least.

Why do parents need a master health checkup?

The annual health checkup is a comprehensive health checkup that is given importance in order to give protection to the child against numerous health issues. Hence, the master physical condition checkup, which is such a comprehensive and well laid out medicinal package running annually, is appropriate for the diagnosis.

There are three significant aspects to consider before choosing a master health checkup plan-

  1. The frequency and number of tests must be as per the international guidelines and should be determined by the data available, and the tests must be performed regularly.
  2. All tests must be conducted as per gender, age, lifestyle, health issues, history, and so forth.
  3. It is always good to stay far from the tests that impact the body with radiation risks and mental injury.

Prevention is always better than cure -

The health tests not only trace the symptoms but also protect your child from the turmoil that they may have to go in case the ailment becomes severe. When a problem is diagnosed earlier, many diseases can be prevented. Also, it will boost the child's energy and growth. In short, it will help your child to maintain their health.

It is affordable -

Who said that medical care is cheap? They said it right, missing out on a little but critical detail. Medical care is cheap if one invests well in prevention through preventive health care packages. It is good to spend some cash on health checkups rather than spend a huge sum of money treating uncontrollable sicknesses later on.

What do parents need to look for?

There are many providers who fail in numerous aspects. Firstly, there are no regulations or guidelines for the diagnostic center or hospital-related health checkups. Secondly, many tests are not related to superlative services.

Health checkup programs at the best hospitals or diagnostic centers are having set of guidelines that mention the tests to be carried out, the targeted populace, and the frequency of the tests. However, everything is carried out so systematically that it becomes worth it for the parent to spend time and money on these tests. 

Should a child get regular checkups?

Regular health checkups are always essential for children. When your child visits a doctor, they will monitor their progress as they grow into a healthy adult. Checkups for kids must begin soon after they take birth, and they must continue till they turn into an adult. When a child is young, the visit should be more regular because the end objective is to pay visits to a doctor less as they progress in life.

There are a few reasons why your child should be taken for regular checkups. Unquestionably, regular checkup is an important tool for preventing disease. For example, your child may need a few vaccinations, which are important for them to prevent some underlying.

Apart from that, the physician assessing the nutrition of the child is an important element of preventive cure. Also, there are visual, hearing, and cognitive checkups too, which need to be done at different stages as the child grows. Only when you do not slack on preventive care this early that your child can develop into a cheerful and robust individual.

Benefits associated with health checkups:-

While growing, a child needs constant monitoring of their health throughout their development journey. Getting your ward's health tested regularly ensures that they do not suffer from any ailments because they aren't expressive much regarding explaining their health problems.

Physical health alone does not indicate overall wellbeing. Instead, get holistic health examined by skilled practitioners who examine the health 360°. A proper test ensures the child's safety.


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