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Online Blood Sample Collection - A New And Effective Approach With Huge Benefits!

People are now opting for at-home services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it is cleaning, beauty, or even medical services, people now don’t want to step outside the home unless it is urgent. The number of people going to labs for blood draws and blood tests has also reduced in these pandemic times. Many of them are even postponing medical tests and services to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

These changes in people’s thinking have caused every sector to adopt new practices and technologies. To keep up with the current situations, the diagnostic care sector has also developed new technologies that enable patients to perform their blood collection or self-tests while safe at home. Apart from this, virtual assistance for the patients is also a new normal to reduce disease exposure.

At-home blood tests make it a lot easier for the patient and have many advantages. Patients don’t have to wait for their turn at clinics, diagnostic centers, or hospitals, and it can be done at the comfort of your home, even if it is for a single test. Let us have a look at a few factors that have made online booking for a blood test the new normal in today’s scenario –

(1) Quick Access To Health Facilities – For people living in remote locations or areas far away from metro centers, remote blood collection services are an excellent option for them. Wireless heart monitors and handy BP & sugar test kits enable physicians to conduct patient monitoring order blood tests conducted on patient-collected samples. Apart from this, people can now contact their doctors and discuss their problems even on video calls.

(2) Expediency - Indeed, clinical trials will be a fundamental piece of examination even after the pandemic. Remote examining gives a practical approach to collecting samples from trial volunteers that cannot visit the trial center.

(3) Services At The Comfort Of Your Home – Patients find it easier to give blood samples at the comfort of the home rather than waiting for their turn in the queue outside diagnostic centers and clinics.

(4) Hygienic Service – The feeling of dread toward clinic hygiene has disappeared with at-home blood sample collection services. Environmental cleanliness plays a fundamental part in forestalling medical problems. Patients generally have a fear about the clinic environment; online blood sample collection services have reduced the fear. Also, the equipment used by lab experts is sterile and safe.

(5) Cost-Effective Option – Local pharmacies are selling well-being kits, for example, pregnancy test kits, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. Patients can buy these kits to monitor their health (glucose levels, blood pressure, and so on) subsequently; these lab tests at home are savvy.

Thanks to such online services! One can get all necessary blood tests done at the comfort of your home without visiting a diagnostic center or booking a doctor’s appointment. With these technological advancements, almost all the significant tests can be done at home, which saves time and money and eases the entire process, making sure that the services are made available in less time for emergencies.

We at Trulabs always strive hard to cater to all your diagnostic needs and ensure that you get all the above benefits. So head to our website to book your online pathology test with us!


  1. Naveen says:

    Today, online booking for blood sample collection is the new normal. I prefer this and used this option for a blood test for me & my family.

    Priya says:

    Yes, online blood sample collection is a new way & it also has many benefits as mentioned here.

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