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Complete Information On Liver Diseases: Symptoms, Causes And Preventions

Maintaining a healthy body is a must if you want to live a carefree life. It Upsets our mood when even we have the slightest pain. There are many important organs in a human body that play a vital role in the body’s proper functioning and the liver is one of them. The liver helps in balancing the nutrient value in the blood. The functions of the liver mainly include the production of bile.

The liver is a vital organ in our body. It is located on the upper right-hand corner of the abdominal cavity beneath the diaphragm. The liver is a cone-shaped organ that weighs about 3 pounds. Diseases can occur at any time so keeping a check on your health by taking lab tests online can help you monitor your body’s proper functioning.

The liver helps in removing the waste and toxins from the body so ignoring liver health can prove dangerous. Going for regular checkups and then waiting for your turn can be time-consuming so many people prefer booking lab tests online as you can get your health checkup up from your home.

Function Of Liver:

(1) The liver plays an important role in the production of Bile which helps in carrying down the waste and breaking down the fats in the small intestine during the princess of digestion.

(2) Helps in maintaining proteins for blood plasma.

(3) Helps in the production of Cholesterol and special proteins.

(4) Regulation of the blood levels of amino acids that form the building blocks of protein.

(5) Helps in regulating blood clotting.

Symptoms Of Liver Disease

If an organ of the body is not functioning properly your body will try to show it through some symptoms or body changes. If you are having liver disease the common symptoms that have been seen are:-

  • Skin and eyes turn yellowish showing you have Jaundice, a common liver disease.
  • Itchy Skin
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Pale stool color
  • Swelling in the legs and ankles
  • Extreme fatigue condition
  • Tendency to get brushed easily
  • Lack/Loss of appetite

Causes Of Liver Diseases

(1) Infection

Infections can cause inflammation in the liver making you suffer from liver disease. The parasites or viruses can spread through water, blood, semen, or coming in close contact with the infected person. The most common types of liver infections are Hepatitis A, B, and C.

(2) Low Immune System

Some diseases attack the immune system of our body making it weak to fight with diseases. Some common autoimmune liver diseases include Autoimmune Hepatitis, Primary sclerosing cholangitis, and primary biliary cholangitis.

(3) Hereditary

Some hereditary or genetic factors could also be responsible for causing liver diseases like Wilson's disease, Hemochromatosis, Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.

(4) Cancer

Some common liver cancers include Bile duct cancer, Liver adenoma, and Liver cancer.

(5) Other Factors

Some other factors that may cause liver diseases are smoking, drinking, obesity, poor lifestyle, blood transfusion, exposure to certain chemicals or toxins, family history of liver disease.


Liver diseases can be prevented by taking certain precautions:-

(1) Get Vaccinations

Taking proper vaccines for Hepatitis A, B and C can lower down the risk of lung diseases.

(2) Don’t Overdrink Alcohol

Drinking excessive alcohol can damage a lot of vital organs of the body. Even if you are drinking make sure you do not take an overdose or drink often.

(3) Avoid Coming In Contact With Other Person’s Blood or Fluids

The Hepatitis virus can spread through used syringes or body’ fluids. So avoid having unprotected sex and coming is also advised as prevention.

(4) Maintain A Healthy Weight

Obesity can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver acids which can lead to liver ailments. So maintain a healthy lifestyle and balance your weight.

(5) Take Your Prescriptions Seriously

If your doctor has advised you of medicines then follow the complete course and do not skip the medication.

Concluding Thoughts

The body cannot hold up toxins as it can cause harm to the body and other organs. Removal of waste from the body is an essential step and the liver plays a major role in doing so. If you face any symptoms listed above or have a family history with liver diseases you can book online checkups to monitor your liver health. Regular checkups can prevent you from serious diseases.


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