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Going To A Diagnostic Centre Or Booking Test Online - Which Is More Accurate?

We all know that health is wealth!!! Human joy depends on better health. Many elements influence human wellbeing development like heredity, lifestyle, physical environment, relationship quality and more. To stay healthy & fit, it's vital to get regular health check-ups like blood and urine tests. All thanks to advanced technology that has made everything so easy & quick. Numerous medical tests are accessible to guarantee better health, including kidney function tests, blood examinations, gastric fluid analysis, liver function tests, and more. These lab tests are commonly called diagnostic testing. Taking the lab tests consistently and his health status has become necessary in the current scenario.

What about getting a lab test done at the solace of your home? Sounds interesting, right!!! It is a practical and simpler choice for everybody. But is it as good as getting the medical test done at a diagnostic clinic? While booking a pathology test online, one has to book the specific test as per the needs and have the blood samples collected from the comfort of the home by trained professionals known as phlebotomists. Many diagnostic centers are providing this facility to make it easy & safe for people to check their health.

But is Online Testing Safe & Results Accurate?

Online diagnostic testing is conducted using strict protocols considering the safety of patients & staff during this pandemic condition. Some of the factors that make booking online pathology test a better option are –

Trained Phlebotomist –

A trained phlebotomist visits your home when you book an online lab test. They are highly trained in anatomy, follow essential safety procedures, and know-how to safely draw blood from the veins providing you complete peace of mind.

Safety Measures –

All standard safety measures are followed during the sample collection procedure. However, when you visit a diagnostic center or clinic for getting the tests done, there might be a risk of exposure to infectious agents, wherein there is no risk involved in the sample collection process that takes place safely from your home.

Careful Sample Handling –

Sample collected from the home is immediately & carefully transported to the diagnostic lab following all storage protocols to prevent quality degeneration. Apart from this, all the samples are barcoded and marked carefully to leave no chance for a mix-up.

There is no distinction in the quality of the tests booked online or done at your nearby diagnostic center. The pricing of these web-based tests is essentially the same contrasted with standard tests, with the additional advantage of not burning through cash on transportation. You can check the costs online with a couple of taps on your phone. A reputed diagnostic service provider like Trulabs will have your samples sent to the finest certified diagnostic centers in the country, which implies you shouldn't bother with the norm of the research centers. An online lab test with the home sample collection has all the exactness, safety and quality of a standard test, however, offers more prominent convenience and much less stress.


  1. Tavish says:

    Yes, booking lab test online is better. I have been doing the same for the last few months.

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