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Health Check-Up Packages - Importance Of Taking One For Your Family

Family is everything, and taking care of all family members is always paramount in our minds. Being a fountainhead of bonding and happiness, a healthy family is always considered a wealthy family. However, predicting the future is very difficult and to make it happy and disease-free, it is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nobody can break the inward strength more than any illness does. A yearly health checkup package gives you a superior and cheerful life. With the advent of innovation, everything is coming in packages, including health checkups which help in earlier distinguishing of health risks and help in taking preventive steps accordingly beforehand.

Before picking the best health-checkup pack, it is a must to know the different sorts of illnesses/diseases and at what age they generally influence to opt for the right package. Here we have come up with some great information that will help you in making the right decision while selecting a checkup package for your family and booking lab tests online

For Children – 

As the children's immune system is not very strong, they are more prone to diseases than older people. However, making minor changes in the environment can effectively influence their wellbeing. For this, older people in the family should take care of their well-being, particularly hygiene and maintaining a clean environment at home.

Children below 5 years of age suffer from fever, diarrhea, obesity, cold, malnutrition because of junk food consumption. Therefore, pick the plan that includes general examinations like ENT, urine tests, dental tests, all nutrient tests, and haemogram tests (a total blood test that incorporates complete RBC, WBC, HGB, ESR, and PCV, etc).

For Adolescents –

Teenage life is highly vital to maintaining a healthy body. Since this is the age of development, many youths experience the ill effects of asthma, anemia, malnutrition, thyroid, Influenza, and pneumonia.

While considering the ideal health pack, ensure that the health tests include haemogram, obesity, X-Ray, diabetes, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR), ENT, all nutrient tests, and thyroid (T3, T4, TSH) tests.

For Elders –

Illnesses in present times do not show symptoms and are not recognizable until they reach a high-level stage. Lifestyle diseases like diabetes and blood pressure issues quietly affect individuals in the age group of 35 and above.

Ladies –

Ladies are considered hard workers since they work the entire day and are genuinely immaterial if there should be an occurrence of wellbeing. However, they experience the ill effects of alopecia, digestion problems, anemia, and changes in bone density, irregular heartbeats, pigmentation, and cancers.

The clinical trials, for example, blood test, haemogram, liver tests, lipid profile tests, asthma, stool tests (over 50 years of age), glucose tests, mammography tests (for ladies over 40 years of age), X-rays, pap smear tests, STI tests, cancer screening tests (breast and cervical) are important to keep up the health of all superwomen in your family.


Men also need regular well-being checkups since they work hard for their families and have no extra time for their health. Most men usually suffer from kidney stones, cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart stroke, tuberculosis (TB), lung diseases, etc.

It is suggested to have a haemogram, ECG examination for lipid profile, fasting glucose tests, a cancer screening test (colon/prostate disease), cardiological tests (CT heart check), stool and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test for men above 50 years.

People of all ages can reduce the risk of medical issues by getting regular health checkups. Early detection of illnesses helps bring more treatment options as doctors can identify them before they become serious. If you don't visit a doctor for regular checkups, it is the right time to select health packages online for your family and keep them safe, healthy & fit forever.


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