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Important Health Checkups That All Women Should Regularly Have

Regular health checkups are very important as they keep a check on our bodies. Going for an entire body check at regular intervals tells us if there is any malfunction in the body that needs medical attention. Also, it prepares the body for any sudden collapse. 

You don't need to only go for a checkup when you are not feeling well. After a certain age, it is advised that you take health checkups often. The lifestyle changes have made us succumb to situations like stress, exhaustion, and poor diet, which can further lead to diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other issues. 

Many people cannot get a lab to get tested as the entire process is time taking. If you are packed in a busy schedule, Booking Lab Tests Online is an easy and time-saving option. In this way, you can manage your work keeping your health monitored.

Health screenings can help in detecting illness at an early stage, making recovery easy and fast. The anatomy of a woman's body is different from a male. After a certain age, the hormonal changes and sociological elements can add to the risk in their health conditions. Some tests are mandatory for women to keep a check on their health. To get health checkups done with ease, you can also book the lab tests online, and the samples can be taken from the home. 

Health Check-Ups Important For Every Woman:-

(1) Blood Pressure Check

Women are more prone to getting blood pressure disorders due to lifestyle changes, hormonal imbalance, and stressful life. Menopause or pregnancy stress can also be a major factor for women having disturbed blood pressure making them at high risk of heart diseases.

(2) Lipid Profile Check

The lipid profile checks up the cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. The clogged arteries due to high cholesterol can put you at high risk of heart diseases. The high cholesterol level cannot be found out by symptoms, and therefore a screening test monthly is required to keep a check on it.

(3) Pap Smears

The pap smears test is highly advised as it examines the cervical area of the women. Cervical cancer is common cancer that has been found in women, and early-stage detection can help in treating it well. The pap smear test checks the health of the reproductive organs like the vagina, fallopian tubes, vulva, uterus, and ovaries. 

(4) Thyroid Check

The two important hormones produced by the thyroid gland are Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine, which help in the metabolism of the body. When the level of hormones of the thyroid gland is dropped, the body's metabolism rate is affected. The common symptoms that can help you find out a need for a thyroid checkup are dry skin, fatigue, and weight gain.

(5) Mammogram

A mammogram helps in detecting breast cancer in women. During the test, part of the patient's breast was pressed between the two plates to get an X-Ray. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers found in women, so detecting it at an early stage can help in treating it properly. Women of age 45-50 and having a cancer history in the family should be more careful and take mammogram tests every year. 

(6) Bone Density Check

The bone density in women starts reducing after 40. The weak bones may give rise to a medical ailment like Osteoporosis. So getting a screening of your bone density might save you from having low bone density, and if in case anything is detected, it can be treated at the right time. 

(7) Blood Sugar Test

After the age of 45, women should start getting their blood sugar tested every two years. This will help in detecting prediabetes or diabetes conditions. Diabetes can lead to digestive and kidney disease, so it is extremely important to keep a check on the blood glucose level. 

Concluding Thoughts

Other than these major examinations, some other important screenings are dental and skin checkups. To live a healthy life, tracking health is very important. The body may not show some disorder through symptoms, and therefore going for regular checkups may help in detecting and treating them. Booking online tests are an easy option if you don't want to step out and get checkups done. Look after your health by booking for tests from the comfort of your home.


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