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Pre-Employment Medical Test: All About Its Benefits & Importance

In today’s competitive business arena, for any business to flourish, it is significant to employ a healthy workforce. This is particularly obvious while inviting a new worker/employee into the workforce. Most associations require a healthy and fit employee because a healthy person can be more helpful for the company as compared to an unhealthy one.

It is seen that an unhealthy workforce can bring down the productivity level of the company while a healthy workforce remains more roused and connected with the association. A healthy workforce then again makes an enthusiastic workplace which can support enhancing the efficiency level of other employees as well. Therefore employing the right & healthy person for a particular job role is a difficult decision for every organization. Conducting a pre-employment medical test is, however, a great way to find a healthy workforce that contributes towards the better working of the company.

These pathology tests online usually vary depending upon the type of organization & the expectation of the job. The pre-employment checkup procedure steps in and assists you to make sure that the candidate is physically & mentally fit to perform the set of tasks for which they are being hired. The organization and management can decide to add a few more pre-employment medical examinations in the checklist to know the fitness and soundness of an employee.

Below are the tests that are generally recommended -

Hemoglobin Test: This one is the most vital test to decide the energy level of an employee representative. Low hemoglobin can cause outrageous weariness, dazedness, windedness which can prompt steady shortcoming in work execution.

Blood Glucose Test: Low glucose level or too high glucose level can be a major issue, which can lead to many issues like lack of concentration, absence of energy, obscured vision, migraines and muscle torment and so on. Thus, this test decides if the glucose level is normal or not.

Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR Test): This test estimates how quickly an individual can breathe out. An individual with strange PEFR may encounter trouble in breathing which can bring about extreme uneasiness or frenzy, diminished readiness, confusion which can hamper a person’s productivity.

Liver Function Test: Liver issues can cause serious stomach disorders, hypertension, and weakness. A liver function test is in this way viewed as a vital test prior to employing a person.

Audiometry Test: This test additionally works explicitly. It essentially eliminates employees who are at high risk of hearing loss because of the openness of high commotion levels. On the off chance that the specialists are presented to more than 90dB, this test is an absolute necessity. This test is significant as it uncovers whether the specialist can support a serious level of clamor level without the danger of having hearing impedance later on.

Renal Function Test: It is fundamentally a kidney work test used to assess how well the kidneys are functioning. Kidney issues can prompt the swelling of legs, hands, feet, lower legs.

Electrocardiogram (ECG): This test estimates the electrical activity of the heart to conclude if it is working easily. It is fundamental to distinguish a heart issue that may emerge in numerous circumstances in the workplace and can repress the performance level.

Complete Blood Test: This test assesses the general well-being of a representative to distinguish a wide scope of problems, infections, and anemia which can again lessen the productivity & efficiency of the employee.

The presence of ill employees at the workplace can be detrimental consequently lowering morale for other employees, too. Therefore, it is sensible for the management to put in a system for a robust and healthy environment as the medical cost of the employee might impact the company’s revenue in the long run. Let's quickly have a look at the benefits associated with these tests –

(1) Managed health record

(2) Maintaining better workplace safety

(3) Reduced medical reimbursement cost to the employer

(4) Ensures enhanced productivity & engagement

Pre-employment medical tests should be conducted as an urgent duty by the organizations, to help their people and make a sound culture in the work environment. Trulabs offers a broad line of corporate health check packages & lab tests online, customized by the organization's prerequisite and budget plan.


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