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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Go For Blood Tests

Imagine it’s a regular day of life; you make your favorite roasted beans coffee, take the first sip, and the next thing you know, you are starting to feel dizzy. You try to cope with it, but it just does not work; you go to the doctor, and the first thing the doc asks you is, “when was your last blood test taken?”

Well, awkward if it was more than a year back, or even old!

Here, we begin with the 10 reasons why you should go for regular blood tests -

(1) Your health matters – Blood is the first thing that can get infected in many of the fatal diseases, and believe it or not, your blood might be infected, and you won’t even know, with regular blood tests and reports, you know what is going on inside your body, just like a computer engineer might open their computer regularly just to check everything is working fine; you can know what is and what is not okay inside of your body. The following 3 points will explain what is counted in a regular blood test and what the importance is.

(2) Blood Cells – One of the main components of blood is the blood cells, white and red. We all know how White Blood Cells (WBCs) help us against fighting the bacteria in our bodies. Imagine fighting a war without troops; that may happen inside you if your WBC count drops, and you can get a terminal illness. Similarly, if your Red Blood Cells lose count, less oxygen would be supplied to your brain, which can turn into a brain stroke.

(3) Clotting – When you get a small cut, and it starts clotting, it is the sign that your body has enough platelets, which clot the wound by stopping any further blood flow because the excessive loss of blood in the body might lead to failure of vital organs because your body cannot get enough oxygen in the tissues (oxygen is carried by the red blood cells). So if you have very little or almost no platelets, you may face this situation, but with a blood test, you can already know if you have a problem like this and can start medicating for the same.

(4) Hemoglobin – Hemoglobin is a protein in the RBCs, which carries the oxygen, which then reaches the entire body, from the lungs. You might or might not have an unusual level of hemoglobin, which can severely affect the amount of oxygen your body is getting and end up in a stroke.

(5) Your body is a machine – The only difference between a machine and the human body is that we can feel things, so we pretty much function like machines. The same way we regularly check the oil in our bikes, the lens of our cameras, the strings of our guitars, and so many other things, we also need to check the fuel running inside us, which is blood. If our blood faces any problems, our entire body will be affected the same way a car shuts down if the oil hasn’t been checked in a while.

(6) It’s easy – I agree, we all don’t do specific tasks just because we feel they are challenging, but that is not the case with blood tests; most of the blood tests have nothing to do with what you ate or what you drank in the last couple of hours or days, you go to any local clinic, give a sample of your blood. In a few hours or a day, your results are ready to be analyzed by a doctor.

(7) No side effects – There are NO side effects of a blood test if it is done correctly and without missing any of the simple precautions, which is usually using a new syringe for every test done. The only thing you might experience after a blood test is a slight pain on the spot where the needle was pierced through.

(8) Easy & Quick – Unlike many of the medical tests we go through, a blood test has to be the fastest one to be done. The entire process of taking your sample takes less than a minute, almost every time. Now, even the busiest people can take out 2 minutes of their time once every six months, and so can you.

(9) Cheap – A blood test is one of the most affordable medical tests to be done; one blood test might even cost you less than your favorite burger.

(10) Because, why not! – Seeing all the facts about blood tests, why not get a test done once every six months! There are absolutely no side effects; it is quick, has no special requirements (for the most time), and is cheap. So if your body can remain in tune so quickly, then why not!

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