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What Is The Preventive Health Screening Package?

A health checkup is important because it allows you to take the necessary precautions to address or diagnose any disease or health problem early. The preventive health checkup package contains tests that help identify many asymptomatic diseases of the liver, kidneys, and heart early. 

Preventive Health Screening Packages and Test Lists 

Various Preventive Health Screening Package tests are available depending on the above factors, such as age, lifestyle-related disease and current infection. The available options are: 

  •  Basic Health Package 
  •  Essential Health Package 
  •  Advanced Health Package 
  •  Smart + Health Package Included Total 
  •  Premium Included Smart + Health Package 

6 Signs of Medical Checkup 

Pay Attention to These Signs for Health Checkup: 

  •  Body Changes 
  •  Frequent Mood Changes 
  •  Difficulty Breathing and Chest Pain 
  •  Anxiety, Trauma, and Depression 
  •  Dietary Changes 
  •  Changes in Urine, Feces and Menstrual Cycle
  • Preventive Medical Examination Package 

How to Choose a Health Package? 

Based on age, health, lifestyle choices and family history, we are more susceptible to illness while living. Therefore, it is necessary to consider these main factors and select the accompanying medical examination package. 

Below are some things to consider when choosing the most suitable health care package for some types of health care packages. 

  • Basic Health Package

The Basic Health Package provides a primary rating for personal health. Helps detect early-stage problems and potential health risks with no or few symptoms. A basic health checkup should be performed once a year, as directed by your doctor. These include tests for HB, urinalysis, glucose (F), SGOT, SGPT, bilirubin, total TSH, triglycerides, cholesterol, total uric acid, vane, creatinine, vane/creatinine ratio, and more. The price of Basic health packages in India are from 999 rupees. 

  • Essential Health Package

The Essential Health Package is a comprehensive health package that provides a person's overall health assessment. It covers testing the essential basic parameters necessary for the smooth functioning of all body organs.  

  • Luxury Health Package

Advanced Health Package is perfect for those who often complain of fatigue, fatigue and joint pain in high speed life. 

Before the preventive checkup, follow the basics below. 

  •  Advance reservation 
  •  Avoid alcohol and tobacco. .. 
  •  Fast overnight if needed for testing. 
  •  Be especially careful if you have diabetes. 
  •  Be especially careful of pregnant and suspected women. 

If you want to get one of these tests at an affordable price, you can book a test online to get a checkup done.


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